We aim to be part of a peaceful revolution shifting our cultural focus from scarcity and fear to one of abundance, justice, and love.

In service to this goal, Dig In Farm, LLC offers educational agricultural opportunities that nourish the flourishing of the soil, the self, and society. We strive for a beneficial, harmonious relationship with our land and neighbors, and offer permaculture design consultation to help others do the same. We grow, cook, and eat delicious, life-giving food. We offer gratitude for our teachers. We make every class, service, or product available on a sliding scale.

Who We Are

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Jacob Holzberg-Pill

Jacob grew up in the hills of western Massachusetts chasing frogs and climbing trees. (Not much has changed.) He has taught environmental science, sustainable agriculture, and wilderness awareness for more than a decade in the US and abroad. He's excited to play with plants and people outside.


Yale University, Forestry

Harvard University, Education

Brandeis University, Environmental Education

Esalen Institute, Permaculture Teacher Training with Michael Kramer and Kat Steele 

Vermont Wilderness School, Nature Awareness and Mentoring




Grace Oedel

Grace grew up in Georgia and spent her childhood covered in red clay and cake batter. (Not much has changed.) She has worked on production farms small and large, taught peace studies, permaculture, nonviolent communication, writing, farming, and cooking. She's grateful to make a life doing work that makes her feel abundantly hopeful and alive.


Yale University, Religious Ethics & Ecological Theology

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Permaculture Design Course with Brock Dolman and Kendall Dunnigan

Esalen Institute, Permaculture Teacher Training with Michael Kramer and Kat Steele 

Woolman, Nonviolent Communication, Dorothy Henderson



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