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Saturday August 20th - Sunday 21st, 2016     

9:30 am- 4:30 pm both days, or sleep over at the farm

$200, organic, farm-fresh lunches, snacks, and supplies included (+$50 if staying over at the farm Saturday night, which includes an organic, farm-fresh dinner)

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Join the permaculture teachers of Dig In Farm for a two-day exploration of abundance preservation. Spend a weekend building community, learning new skills, and deepening your relationship with the earth, yourself, and your community.

The course has three components: Food, Medicine, and Natural Dyeing. Each of these skill sets will offer a different possibility for how to preserve the abundance of late summer.


Traditionally, people have held knowledge of how to ferment, salt, pack, store, process, transform, and preserve the farm bounty when it's in season. We will explore how to get the most nutritional content, flavor, and beauty of fresh, organic food for the winter months. These methods can enhance the nutritional content of the food and add to flavor.

We will go far beyond the basics like canning jam, delving into new/old territory!

Some of the food storing practices we will learn include: 

- lacto-fermenting vegetables into saurkrauts and kimchi, heightening the nutritional benefits drastically for optimum gut health

- create herbal honeys, salt and oil-packed herbs for non-canned, fresh greens year-round

- make fruit and berry conserves loaded with antioxidant-rich, cancer-fighting properties


Herbalism invites us to erase the line between food and medicine. We will learn about traditional herbal preparations of herbs and foods, and how to incorporate simple, delicious, deeply healing uses of herbs into our own lives, such as: 

- oxymels

- salves

- syrups

- shampoo

- tinctures

- teas

Natural Dye:

Natural dyes offer yet another mode of connecting with our local flora to preserve the beauty and use of nature through all seasons. We are often unaware of what are clothes are made of and dyed with.

This portion of the class invites us to play with natural dyes and open our eyes to the incredible world of wearable, dye-rich plants we have right here in Western Massachusetts.

We will learn to identify, sustainably harvest, and process plants into natural dye. We will also explore traditional dye techniques, such as Shibori and clay resist.

Take home your goodies:

Each student will return home with products they have made over the course of the program, including: naturally dyed tea-towels, salve, oxymels, salt-packed herbs, homemade shampoo, jam, tea, infused honey, syrup, and kraut.

... plus the party!

Part of the joy of abundance is building community to share it with!

In addition to our learning, we will be sharing meals, singing together, feasting on delicious food, exploring the woods, moving our bodies, and bonding with new and old friends.

You can come just for the day time or spend Saturday night on the farm, when we will surely be howling around a bonfire! If you stay on site, dinner is included.