snack attack


it's always in moments when i am utterly famished i find myself reaching for something like a block of cheese or a bag of marshmallows to put in my face. not that i have anything at all wrong with these choices of food (quite to the contrary), but i am finding that a hearty snack is the difference between me morphing into a tyrannical monster or a kind, loving partner who has empathy and general life skills.


lately i've been power housing fruit, nuts, seeds, and especially loving on my wild foods of the season-- cranberries and eleagnus/ autumn olive/ goumi-- whatever you want to call it. i used to have this idea that healthy food demanded oodles more time to consume than packaged, easy food--  you had to chop and dice and saute and slowly brown to make anything taste good. but in fact, i am finding this was pure delusion. nature has already packaged up perfect little snacks for us to keep us powered up and going. and i feel a shit ton better fueling myself on cashews and berries than i ever do on crackers or wheatables. (although damn! wheatables! amiright?) 


and then when i want some feasting, i don't mess around. take the time and make yourself a perfect freaking browned butter salty chocolate chip cookie and eat deeply of your good work. hope you have a tasty, snack filled week.

cookie skillet