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cozy bread

1.  so world experts agree that small, diversified, intensive organic farms (and not enormous gmo mono-crop farms) will feed the world. huzzah!

2. my tummy has been upset lately and i've been on a basic ayurvedic diet with no foods that could upset it. this insanely delicious looking pumpkin pie smoothie (that is VEGAN) looks like a perfect treat AND tummy calmer.

3. simple rules for eating well from the great marky b.

4. if you're still confused about what the heck shmita is and why it matters, check out this article.

5. is the best example of a well-linked inter-textual database i have ever seen. totally amazing, even if you're not into ancient bible study.

6. i'm obsessed with my friend amy jean porter's delightful, whimsical art of flora & fauna. get in on this.