ginger-garlic coconut soba noodles (with kale and mugwort!)

this was one of three bowls i devoured last night

this was one of three bowls i devoured last night

last weekend was rosh hashanah, and we kicked off 5775 by setting new intentions for health & wellness.

we've both been feeling a bit of stress lately as a product of being in a major life transition, and this week we decided to take all the available steps towards supporting our own resiliency. we've been going on long walks every evening to soak in the beauty that is autumn in new england, making sure we get in bed early (and we're reading this new forest farming book aloud to relax), and eating nourishing, restorative foods. which is where this delicious recipe came in!

we've both been craving healthy fats and lots of veggies as the weather turns colder. i was looking for a way to combine kale and coconut and a huge hunk of ginger to help with tummy troubles. we also bought some soba noodles made with mugwort (!) recently that we both wanted to try, and voila! a quick google search connected me to this recipe. it calls for an insane amount of garlic and ginger (and i doubled the ginger they called for!) but it mellows together beautifully.

this combo of ingredients is all kinds of healthy. there's kale (duh), ginger (great for the tummy & digestion), garlic (great for fighting infection), coconut (healthy fats for healthy brain), turmeric (again, fights infections like crazy) and mugwort (supposedly for great dreaming-- wahoo!)!

i hope you enjoy this as much as we did. and today begins yom kippur, so g'mar chatimah tovah-- may your name be inscribed well for another year in the book of life!