announcing... Spiral!

spiral logo.png

it's a new year & a huge new project here at Dig In Farm! we are THRILLED (beyond thrilled! ecstatic) to announce the launch of Spiral, a residential summer permaculture design course for women in high school and during their gap years!

we have been working tirelessly for months (years!) to vision, conceptualize, design, and launch this project, and we are so, so excited we can hardly stand it. here's the equation:  intensive farming experience + radical justice education + permaculture design course + community living + young women leaders + incredible mentors + all the delicious food + outdoor living = one amazing summer and our small contribution to world-wide [agri]cultural revolution.

a few key stats about the Spiral experience: it's one month (june-july); residential on our small farm in western mass; a permaculture design course; for women ages 15-18; sliding scale. social justice, resilient farming, deep community, and abundant joy form the core principles of the program.

poke around on our site! contact us with questions, and spread the word to any women in high school you might know who will be into this.