green mountain magic

we spent memorial day weekend at our dear friend's wedding in rural vermont.

jacob in dandelion

on the morning of the wedding, we set on an adventure over the verdant hills of "the kingdom," the northern and unpopulated uppermost corner of vermont. our friend is a state forester there, and manages something insane like 80,000 acres. despite his day job forest-romping, a small group of men went out into the woods the day before the wedding. the returned hours later, rain-drenched, carrying several christmas trees. when asked why they needed to harvest these trees, they replied, "decor."

prayer flags in woods

we were following paths through the woods and came upon some sun-bleached prayer flags. an auspicious sign the morning of a wedding.

vermont farm

this is just gratuitous farmporn. it's just too damn beautiful there. we are the luckiest to have such people calling us to ceremonies in these exquisite nooks and crannies of the world. it was such a wonderful place to toast their commitment to each other. (and toast we certainly did...) the weekend made us feel so grateful for those two, and also for all the people who helped hold our wedding, who cooked and baked and sang and danced and helped usher us in to this new way of being. it's such a joy to get to do that for ones we love!

this is the obligatory cheesy picture.

this is the obligatory cheesy picture.