permaculture convergence

this year marks the 10th annual northeast permaculture convergence, and it's being held in unity, maine at mofga. i'm fortunate enough to be on the planning team with the amazing lisa fernandes, rachel lyn rumson, and jesse watson, all incredible permaculture designers and facilitators. the theme this year is "celebrate our interdependence"; the convergence takes place over july 4th weekend.

design by shana hostetter

design by shana hostetter

i'm incredibly excited about this gathering. it will be a chance to skill up and dream big, learn and teach, vision and plan for how a resilient future can grow. there will be field trips ranging from eliot coleman's farm to avena botanicals with many stops in between. there will be a dance party and a passion show, a designer's lounge and regionally organized strategic planning groups. there are plenty of work study options to make the conference affordable. i'm particularly jazzed to hear sessions on social permaculture and how to plan for a future than places justice at its center. i'll be offering a session on using non-violent communication as a tool for permaculture design. jacob is teaching on propagation, and we have a windowsill of rooting plant babies in our kitchen.

i'm deeply grateful to be involved in planning an event for which the means so match the ends. the process of organizing has been incredibly nourishing; check-ins commence every meeting, collaboration is not only valued but enacted, support is freely offered and taken, much work gets done easily thanks to many hands. i have learned so much about healthy process, and can't wait for a convergence to be born out of that.

some questions i hope to explore at the convergence: how do we grow the movement inclusively? how do we lean in to our social justice commitments? how do we hope our work will look in ten years? who are our emerging leaders? how can we explore our edges as a community? how can we support each other better? how can we focus on positive solutions while thoroughly honoring our grief?

come and join us in our celebration and exploration july 4-6.