rolling out

the moment has come. the truck is in the driveway, and we are gearing up to move all our belongings down to massachusetts, back to the state in which we were both born. (although i was GA raised-- have no doubt.) while it's not entirely final (we'll be back for one more week of work and a final hurrah), it feels like the completion of a cycle, a death and birth at once.

haulin our babies.

haulin our babies.

it's a bit early to know fully what this transition means. maine has been an incredible time of growth and deepening for us; challenges helping us to articulate more concretely to one another what we are truly longing for, deep friendships allowing us to explore openly with what it means to begin a family unit and grow a farm of our own. we have struggled and laughed with each other often here, and we have also come to new points of understanding and clarity about our values that we have never had before.

i've begun to shift how i think about my life from what my current job is, to what my current questions are. right now they go something like: what kind of work do i  value? and how do i show i value it? how can i live out radical values & ethics in my daily life? how does our family function? what is the most fulfilling, and joyful project? how can i take my place in a wider community?

who knows what mass will bring-- i'm just stoked. we'll be trying out living inter-generationally (right behind our family) and committing to being in one spot (at least for the foreseeable future) for the first time in our lives. i can't wait to see what we learn in this new phase! i just hope we don't slam on the brakes too hard and kill all the baby plants in the back of the monster truck...