catching up

berry pie

sorry that i have been out of touch for the last week-- it's that time of year when the days go into warp speed. i spent last week moving my little bro in to NYU (film!) and visiting old friends in the city. i couldn't stay as long as i wished, but the few days i had were deeply nourishing. i was grateful to dig back in with people i have known since i was pre-pubescent, wearing umbros on the daily, and still pretty much exactly the same (baking an inordinate amount and wanting to talk about people's spiritual (or love) lives. duh.)

this past week has included a wide variety of end-of-summer activities:

feast meal, appropriately eaten at 11 pm at momofuku// auditioning for 'who wants to be a millionaire' (i kid you not. talk about a bizarre day.) // my first ever chicken slaughter, taught by an incredibly kind and skilled friend & teacher at brookfield farm// bike rides to a cranberry bog// picking up furniture off the side of the road for our new house// frying polenta and tomatillos in an incredible amount of coconut oil// getting that kind of low-grade summer sick that feels weirdly unseasonal// finally reading and falling in love with kurt vonnegut, about a half century behind the rest of the country// signing up for classes at a college, just to learn the material, and feeling excited to be a student again// seeing an enormous cicada killer slowly eat an entire cicada!

more recipes and news from the home front soon. hope your labor day weekend was restorative!