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artichoke flowers or sea anemones??

artichoke flowers or sea anemones??

some days, you gotta keep it short. we're about to head to Eden Village Camp to teach a class to their activist teen camp (that one of our old students, jenny, is leading!) about the eight shields/ acorn model. eden village has been getting a lot of (deserved) press for it's no-body talk rule. jacob did a site design for the camp in their year of visioning before it opened for real, and so we are stoked to go back and check out how it's flourishing.

anyway, thought i would leave you some fun links to explore before i pop out for a couple of days!

1) my brilliant friend margaret tung got written up by npr on her food-waste saving app pareup! you go, marg!

2) the nofa summer conference is this weekend and i am thrilled that my new friend jake is teaching about his newborn cider company, artifact.

3) just discovered this delightful blog. always game to read about southern & jewish food!

4) a badass poet/ activist/ farmer/ teacher came to town last week, and i got to hear her slam! we went to camp together and she made me laugh so hard i peed while on stage once. true story.

5) i want to be half as cool as this man when i grow up.

have a great thursday!