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kindergarten hands helped dig these beauties

kindergarten hands helped dig these beauties

sometimes it's nice to just have some links to remind us of beauty on the interwebs.

1) "There is no 'them'. There is only 'us'." I love Nadia Bolz-Weber.

2) Also, the Shmita year started on Rosh Hashanah! Get ready for a year of release, relaxation, re-ordering, re-imagining what a truly regerenative food system and world might look like.  Huzzah!

3) I want to eat this. All of it. All the time. 

4) The Shefa Program kicked off this week with bowdrill fires, digging sweet potatoes to cook in clay, and planting strawberries (a perennial) in honor of Shmita.

5) Our friends are growing this heritage breed of guinea hog that are amazing at rooting out anything you want to get rid of in your field, sans tractor. Yay for petroleum free farming!

6) The Common Ground Fair went strong (40th anniversary!) this year, and Soulemama, a lovely blogger wrote about it and took lovely photos. I was too busy eating large amounts of raw cream and getting ill to photograph anything.

7) Yes to maple marshmallows. Just, yes.