moon cycles quilt i made for jacob a couple years ago

moon cycles quilt i made for jacob a couple years ago

again i find myself apologizing for not being better at posting regularly. my life is chock full these days as the seasons turn. i am loving the nights getting cooler, and have the appropriate turn-of-season sickness that accompanies it to make me grateful for elderberry syrup. (we actually just harvested some growing wild along our road-- i can't wait to try our shutesbury variety!)

i need to keep this brief, as i soaking in the calm wonderful vibe of Omega right now for the Northeast Womyn in Permaculture Conference. three days spent with other amazing women who practice permaculture for their livelihood/ lifeway, doing visioning and strategic planning for how we can grow the role of womyn in leadership roles in permaculture. i have been so filled up and nourished by my time here so far. it reminds me of the importance of leaving my everyday busy-busy-busy mentality and gaining perspective about why we are doing the work we are doing, why we are leading the lives we lead, what we hope they will generate. (surely nothing less than revolution!)

i also got sick the second i got here, which is great, because i actually have quiet and the time and space to heal. it's amazing how the body can hang on until we let it relax! i feel so grateful i have this time to allow my body to chill with it. sucking down tea by the gallon and taking it easy.

i am also DELIGHTED to announce the launch of something i have been working on: the shefa: sustainable skills for teens program that i will be spending my time leading this year. i am grateful to have a faith community that is interested in nourishing our collective knowledge about shomrei adamah (stewarding the earth.) this past weekend at our synagogue there was elderberry syrup & sauerkraut making, shabbat services outside on the farm, and a text study about shmita, a year-long practice in judaism of releasing land back into being fallow for a year, building a perennial food system, and releasing all debts. pretty much, revolution! :)

now tonight there is a full moon to celebrate! a sauna to take advantage of! women to talk and laugh and learn from! sleep to be slept!

i hope you are all having incredibly brilliant, blooming full moons.