halloween tree planting party!

We are having a tree-planting party at Dig In Farm on Saturday, October 31st-- Halloween! It's a party in the morning! Outside! With baby trees!

Come plant + feast with us + revel in the glorious late autumn.

First we'll have a mini-lesson on how to plant a tree and make sure it's cozy and tucked in to its new home perfectly. Then we'll be planting them. You need exactly zero experience to participate.

We’re planning to get between 50 and 100 fruit trees and berry bushes (some Asian and European pears, apples, pawpaws, cherries, persimmons, raspberries, blueberries, and more!) tucked in to the earth before winter. Come dig in the soil, frolic with friends, and join in the seasonal merriment. If you have extra shovels and want to bring them, that's awesome. Feel free to bring musical instruments if that’s more your style and you can be the entertainment.

We’ll have oodles of baked goodies, spiced popcorn, warm apple cider and other delights. After we plant for a couple of hours, we'll have a delicious lunch-- some chili and cornbread and other vittles-- to fill your bellies. Feel free to bring potluck food if you feel up to it, but no pressure. Come in costume if that’s your thing. (Please feel extra free to bring candy corn, if that’s your thing.)

When: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm: planting, 12:30 pm - on: lunch feasting (we're keeping it early so you can get all your Halloween prep needs met later, although we will be kicking it all day so you are welcome to stay/ hangout/ keep playing music or knock on our door for treats.)

Where: 35 Leverett Road, Shutesbury MA 01072 (right across from the fire station, down the long driveway in the back)

Wear: Your best costume OR your best planting clothes OR whatever will keep you warm, cozy and happy outside for a few hours.

Bring: If you want to bring something potluck style to share, that would be wonderful, but no pressure. Same with shovels. And bringing any friends is of course totally welcome.