Indiegogo Campaign!!

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friends! we are so thrilled to announce the launch of our indiegogo campaign. we are aiming to raise $10,000 to support students who cannot pay full tuition to our summer Spiral permaculture program. check out our campaign here!

one of our donors just wrote this of giving to the campaign,

"Over the years I've found myself giving money to organizations organized around issues. While I'm committed to the issues addressed by the organizations I give to, and many of them think holistically about fighting social injustices, it often feels like this model neglects the points of overlap in all issues of injustice. I'm writing to share my excitement for a permaculture design program for high school women called Spiral. I've learned about permaculture over the years from some incredibly inspiring friends deeply committed to social justice. As I understand permaculture design, the idea is to build a solution to a problem that addresses not just an individual issue, but imagines the system surrounding that issue. In permaculture design, you think about the network of causes creating a problem, and also the impact any given solution will have on the world surrounding that problem. With permaculture design, a group thinks through how to solve a problem in a way that will work in the long term, rather than slapping a bandaid on a problem and cleaning up any following problems after the fact.

Through Spiral, a group of 16 high school aged young women will come together on a working farm in Western Massachusetts to earn Permaculture design certification. I am SO excited about the program and the idea. First, there's no better way to start healing some of the issues in the world than to give a group of engaged young folks the tools to think holistically about directing energy and passion towards new solutions. Second, part of permaculture design is learning to live in community. If we're going to tackle the world's problems in an all-encompassing way, we've got to do it together, and knowing how to consider each other is part of that work. I think a summer intensive, where a group is living and working together, will give so many amazing opportunities to think and talk through how to do that."

We hope so! Please check out the campaign, and kick in any funds you have to share! spread the word to your networks! THANK YOU SO MUCH!