overwhelmed with gratitude

we just finished our indiegogo campaign and are utterly bowled over by the immense outpouring of love and support from friends, family, and collaborators. i've always thought it was cheesy when i've given money and heard back "we couldn't do this without you" -- but now i realize that is absolutely true. we couldn't be doing this without you. over the last month you all came together, shared the message, contributed your money and time and effort, signal boosted, wrote things about this work on blogs and Facebook pages, shared with your communities, invested in radical education and together MADE IT HAPPEN.

this is truly community supported education. with all of your help, we are able to support almost twenty young women, who come from a wide variety of economic backgrounds, in attending Spiral this summer.  as part of the course, we will be talking a lot about economic justice; how to share capital and distribute resources fairly around communities. we will certainly be using this indiegogo campaign as an example of successful community support and "fair share".

we are totally humbled by all of your incredible generosity, and deeply inspired to make this program the best it can possibly be to do justice to your amazing support. we are ready to work. thank you, thank you, thank you.