We host school visits at Dig In Farm, offering hands-on farm and wilderness-based educational experiences.

Schools can bring students for a one to two day overnight, or for a day or half-day program.

We offer wilderness awareness skills, teach Introduction to Permaculture and Non-Violent Communication classes, incorporate culinary skills featuring local, organic ingredients, lead work tending the land, build hand-craft skills, cook outside over a fire, and help create strong community between your students.

We can design each program to fit your students' interests and group needs. Check out the sample schedule and testimonials to get a sense of a day on the farm. Fill in the form below to inquire about bringing your group here to Dig In Farm.




"I learned that mindfulness isn't just about knowing where you are, but seeing and listening to the land around you. Pay attention to the little details that we may pass inour every day lives and acknowledge their existence. Listen to the birds." - visiting student, 17 years old


"Your warm personalities are such a draw. There is immediate trust." - visiting teacher


"I felt like you weren't really a teacher or some big authoritative figure, but rather just a wise and fun mentor and friend which is marvelous. I think that is the perfect persona to embrace when working with teens that helps keep us interested and engaged." - visiting student, 16 years old


"Being at Dig In Farm made me feel so happy and content, as it fulfilled my need for companionship and stress relief!" - visiting student, 17 years old


Sample schedule:

Day 1

Welcome circle

Group bonding games

Site Orientation and woods exploration with a naturalist

Introduction to Permaculture Class/ Introduction to Bird Language/ Introduction to Natural Dyeing

Lunch (cooked together over fire): Fresh quesadillas made with spring nettles, wild garlic, and local cheeses.

Hands-on Permaculture Skills Workshop: Edible Forest Garden planting

Skill Building (In small groups):

Coal-burning Spoons

Natural cordage

Natural medicine making

Fire from Bowdrill

Wild edible hunt & harvest

Dinner (cooked together over fire): Breakfast for dinner: eggs and greens from the land, pancakes with our maple syrup and blueberries, roasted asparagus, and potatoes cooked in the fire.

Outdoor exploration:

Sit spots, quiet solo time on the land

Fire circle

Sleep in canvas bell tents

Day 2

Sit spots

Farm chores

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs fresh from the chickens with toast, greens, and berries

Introduction to Herbalism (salve and tea making)

Group bonding exercises

Goodbye circle

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