Q: what is permaculture?

A: permaculture is a design method to create regenerative human settlements. it's a process that helps up envision how we can make the way we live both now and in the future increase thriving for ourselves, the communities, and the ecosystems around us. we use it here to help us farm in a way that stores carbon, increases biodiversity, and grows food without hefty reliance on fossil fuels. permaculture teaches us that good design involves social and environmental justice and joy for ourselves and for future generations. permaculture is build on a foundation of "earth care, people care, and fair share".

Q: why work with young people?

A: young people are the future! also, young people are open-minded, flexible, creative, and still have a sense of wonder at the world. we believe that permaculture education should be available to people as early and often as possible. if young people learn to use the tools of permaculture early in life, who knows how amazing the future will be!

Q: how can i afford the Spiral program?

A: we offer sliding-scale financial support so that families from all backgrounds can send their daughters to the spiral summer intensive. we believe any program must be accessible to people from all financial backgrounds in order for it to be a truly just program, and we work hard to offer the most financial support we can. find the financial support application here.