Do you want to help support a resilient, regenerative world? Do you want to offer your energy to make radical education available on a sliding scale? Fantastic! We want you to join in!


What your financial support can do:

$25 Feed the chickens for a week

$50 Print a full set of materials for participants in the Spiral program

$75 Get out the word by printing Spiral flyers

$100 Plant five new fruit trees

$150 Support a teacher in offering a workshop for the Spiral program

$250 Serve up nourishing food three times in a whole day for the Spiral program

$1000 Create an outdoor kitchen space

$2500 Construct a tent for girls to live in

$3950 Offer a full scholarship to the Spiral program


Other ways to support:

If you are someone for whom money is limited, but you would like to donate time or skills, please contact the director with your ideas at: grace(at) We would love your participation as well. 

The most helpful thing you can do is spread the word.

Do you know someone who might want to tend their land in a more regenerative way? Do you know a group that could use a nonviolent communication training? Do you know a young woman who might be perfect for our Spiral Summer program? Call her up! Send her our way!

It takes a wide network to make a radical shift in culture. Thank you for doing your part!